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That's Me Clothing

That's Me represents gorgeous fashion for plus-sized women who like to dress casually. The styles are created using top-quality fabrics that reflect latest trends in fashion. The biannual collection of trendy styles has some extra features which makes the brand distinct: an attractive feminine look that adds a dash of character to the stylish styles.

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      That's Me is designed specifically for ladies who are constantly looking for pants and jeans that have the perfect fit. They don't have a zip and are made of stretchy fabric, so you can move easily with ease. That's Me is an everyday luxury for women who don't wish to compromise in terms of style or ease of wearing. If you purchase a pair of That's Me trousers, you can be sure of an excellent quality at a reasonable price. After you've tested these trousers, you'll be a convert and no longer be searching for comfy, casual pants. Their line of viscose trousers are perfect everyday wear. You can also mix and match their viscose jackets which come in corresponding colours. Recent seasons have seen some beautiful retro 1980's patterns. Their line of hooded jumpers, sweaters are the perfect balance of comfortable and fashionable.

      That's Me is a high quality Danish brand - made by Godske Group. Their clothing is all made in house in Europe which achieves the high quality, comfortable and great fit That's Me is known for.

      From a single line of clothing to a collection of 15 distinct fashion brands. That's - in a nutshell the tale of Godske Group. The company which came into being in the year 1970, when Agnethe as well as Egon Godskesen founded Godske Kjoler, is at today a global fashion business which houses 15 distinct, popular clothing brands.

      Godskesen family Godskesen family , from the time they started their initial clothing brand fifty years ago, led and developed the company to the international fashion giant they are today. In the present, Godske creates and designs clothes for 16 distinct fashion brands, focusing specifically on fashion-conscious and high-quality women.

      Trends are constantly changing like they have done over the last 50 years. However, Godske's four primary values of the company never go out of style:

      Fashion, fit, quality and service.

      Godske is renowned for its top quality fabrics with an ideal fit. They have been doing so for every brand from the beginning.

      In the 1970s when the fashion industry was in its infancy, having design, pattern-making as well as production, grading and design all under one roof was a common practice. In the past, however globalisation and general amazing advancements that took place in fashion have led to a number of fashion houses decided to outsource their processes completely or in part.


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