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This is wear an outfit truely begins. Will you go long sleeve or short? A blouse or a t-shirt? Tunics, vests, more formal shirts...the choice is yours! Luckily we have one of the best selectiona in Northern Ireland boutique shopping We haven't even mentioned the sheer range of colour choice: red to blue, pink, goes on. We stock a a range of sizes from UK8 to UK20, as well as XS-XXL and some one size fits all pieces. All which can be delivered within the UK and nationally. Start exploring!

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      Your top carries so much of your outfits personality that is a necessity that you get it right. Thankfully we have a great selection so you never get stuck.

      Batwing tops have been very popular in recent seasons- great roomy cuts leaving plenty of ways to style and wear them like Seva produce. Batwing sleeves are comfortable and fashionable. They are suitable for all kinds of attires and occasions. Batwing sleeves can provide an elegant look to your long-sleeve or knit sweater top, and add an extra dimension to make your outfit stand out.

      The classic blouse never goes out of style, indisputably versatile, airy and elegant. The neckline you choose can affect the look of a blouse. It can also let you know what style works most effectively for your shape. V-necklines flatter and give an elegant appearance, while scoop necks are timeless and are always trendy. High-scoop necks offer an elegant feel and are great for cooler weather. Tops with split necks offer an added zing which can make a basic design stand out, and cut-out or keyhole necklines give off a contemporary vibe. Traditional standing collars, like those found on button-up shirts appear sleek and polished and are a great match with a range of outfits such as trousers made of corduroy to stylish pencil skirts. Another factor that will determine the perfect blouse is ensuring you have the ideal hem and length. The top of the blouse may be just below the waistline or at the hip or even below the hips in tunic designs. Take a look at the places where the length of the blouse is supposed to fall and select a size that will let it reach the desired length. If you are planning to tuck your shirt inside ensure that you have a hem that has enough length that you can tuck it into your t-shirt easily. In regards to the style of the shirt length, it may be just above the shoulder (for cap or Flutter Sleeve) or midway down the arm, or just a few inches higher than the elbow. Long sleeves should be just below the wrist, and three-quarter lengths should be just below your elbow.

      Our selection of t-shirts are bright, bold, patterned and often feature a beautiful print or logo, perfect with a light jacket. Zoso Clothing is a great example of bold colours, quality print t-shirts that are perfect for day to day lifestyle wear. T-shirts are very versatile and can change from daytime to night time without much effort. Another benefit of this essential is its shape, it's not difficult to find a t-shirt that is suitable for any shape and size. We believe everyone ought to have at minimum the equivalent of five to ten t-shirts with a good variety in the wardrobe. When you have found the one that fits well and is comfortable to wear, then consider stylish and trendy outfit ideas to put on this simple piece - comfort is just as important as style! 

      Long Sleeve tops are a great choice for that early spring time when you maybe need a bit of extra warmth - and Joules floral options will fit that time of year perfectly. Long-sleeved tops are stylish and versatile, and easily move from daytime to nighttime. If you're looking for long-sleeved polo necks, cozy jersey tops or jumpers that are a wardrobe staple,  pair one of ours with your favourite jeans or a stylish skirt year-round. 

      More formal shirts like by deck by decollage can be dressed up and down, with light flowy linen materials giving a nice breathable wear. Button-up shirts are a classic in the world of fashion. They're a timeless wardrobe staple that every woman should have in her closet. One of the best things about button-ups is that they are one of the most versatile clothing pieces on the market. They're simple enough to pair with more overwhelming pieces as a basic, yet they have enough texture and interest to instantly add intrigue to any outfit. These tops help you look put-together no matter what you wear and can easily transform into an integral part of any style from a professional office outfit to a casual and care-free date-night look.

      Tunic and tunic tops are a great more mature look for a matriarchal appeal. Tunics are generally very comfortable, but it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be stylish by all means! By consciously styling the right type of tunic will create the perfect outfit for an evening out or a any other special occasion! Consider, for example, picking one of your favourite taller tunics with an extended hemline. You can pair it with a pair heels and a statement necklace, or maybe some pearls. It's simple to dress good and feel at ease throughout the night out on the town.

      Vests are still the go to for layering and on their own in those summer months. 


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