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From the more classic cuts and style of Exquise & &cowoman to the modern trendy My Soul, Elsewhere & Naya we have you covered. Go full length, sleeveless, patterened, block colour, belted or with pockets - the choice is yours!

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       Dresses, and their little sister the skirt, are a quintessential part of most ladies wardrobe. They are garments steeped in tradition and at same time can be styled to be extremely moder, trendy, and experimental - true pieces for all seasons! Naya and Peruzzi do excellent pieces, often styled with pockets, off cuts, sleeveless or half sleeves, along with their vibrant patterns and colour pastelles. Here are just some of the styles we have stocked over the years.


      Pleats Skirt

      It's a skirt that has pleats that run throughout the skirt. It makes a narrow silhouette due to the pleats' narrowness. It is designed to be worn around your waist and is very elegant.

      Bell Skirt

      A bell skirt provides an opulent shape to a person. It is the appearance of a semi-circular or circular cut, which creates an elongated skirt.

      Casual Style Skirt

      The skirt usually has large pockets on the sides and a buttoned front, giving a casual appearance like elsewhere often do.

      Country Style Skirt

      The country-style skirt is distinguished by a pleat in the center and has pockets on the sides.

      Culottes Skirt

      Culottes are one of a kind skirt. They are actually trousers. They are both front- and rear. pants are designed so that they look like skirts. These skirts are fashionable nowadays. They are easy to spot and many fashion labels wear this look since it is stylish. Our culottes are over in the trousers section.

      Draped Skirt

      A draped skirt is distinguished by soft folds all over along the wraparound. It's very classy and provides a sophisticated style.

      The Fit and Flare Skirt

      A skirt that is fit and flare is a slim fit in the hips, and usually is fashioned with a gathered panel to resemble a flare to the bottom.

      Flared Skirt with Panels

      The skirt is very narrow in the hips. It is made of vertical panels of fabric and features an oversized hem that gives an effect of swinging on the skirt.

      Flounced Skirt

      Typically the flounced skirt is composed from horizontal layers (called flounces) which are attached to the skirt for an illusion of flowing to the skirt.

      Frilled Hemline Skirt

      Similar in design to the skirt with a fit and flare A hemline with frilled edges has an ruffled and gathered strip of fabric that's attached at the lower. Additionally unlike the skirt with a fit and flare design that is narrow around the hips the frilled skirt is usually loose in the hips.

      Full Skirt

      The full-skirt is generally worn around the waist, and contains an enormous amount of material that is attached through the process of gathering around the waist. It's large and offers an effortless movement to the skirt.

      Godet Skirt

      Godets are skirts that have panels meaning it is made of vertical pieces, then sewn together to form the skirt. The distinction is that either bell-shaped or shaped panels are utilized or extra material is inserted into the panels in order to permit the hem to move from the skirt.

      Handkerchief Hemline Skirt

      The handkerchief's hemline is a skirt which is asymmetrical or has an uneven flowing hem that is designed to appear like a handkerchief that is hanging diagonally.

      Inverted Pleats Skirt

      The skirt is pleated throughout however, they're reversed, i.e., the pleats fold towards the inside. The purpose of this skirt is that as the legs move, pleats open to allow it to move.

      Kilt Skirt

      A Kilt is a wrap-around skirt with one-sided pleats as well as a check pattern across the skirt.

      Narrow/Pencil Skirt

      The skirt is a little narrower in the hem, contrast to the hips. There is less room for the legs to move. It is common when it comes to formal wear. &co woman do great examples of these.

      Puff Ball Skirt

      An oversized puff ball dress is a little narrow around the waist and the it is hemmed, and between the two, it gets puffy, and designed to look like an actual ball.

      Semi-Flared Skirt

      It's a skirt that has an elongated hem that is wider over the waist and hips, bringing an extra elegance and comfort for the wearer.

      Soft Pleat Skirt

      The skirt has an unpressed pleat on the roll generally in the center of the skirt. It is comfortable for the wearer.

      Straight Skirt

      Straight skirts are constructed with two straight panels on the front and the back. It offers a slim and sleek look for the wearer.

      Straight Paneled Skirt

      This skirt is similar in design to the straight skirt but features several panels that form both the back and front panels instead of the two panels found in the straight skirt.

      Sun-ray Pleats Skirt

      Sun-ray skirts have pleats across the skirt however, they get wider as they go across the hem. They are pleats that are permanently press-pressed on the skirt. It can be pleats that are fine or broad within the dress.

      Tiered Skirt

      This skirt has a series of horizontal panels that are stitched together and the width increases when they are moved toward the bottom of the hem.

      Tiered, Pleated Skirt

      The skirt is tiered dress that features pleats all over the skirt within the panels.

      Wrap-around Skirt

      A wrap-around skirt can be described as a circular skirt that has an open cut that wraps around the body, and then fastens usually around the waist.

      Yoke Style Skirt

      A yoke skirt features horizontal panels, which are typically attached to the hips. It also has vertical panels that are attached to the hem.

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