Marble CLothing

Marble, based in Glasgow, create timeless and elegant clothing of the highest quality. Carefully choosing the right mix of vibrant colours and soft neutrals to offer multiple options for wardrobes everywhere, Marble source only the finest natural fabrics to create clothes of the highest quality. The resulting tops, jackets and other styles are fabulous.




      Marble Fashions was founded within Scotland around 2008, by the co-owners Lynne Paul, and Nick Williams, who between them have decades of expertise in the business decades of experience as an independent retailer, and as a retail store.

      Over the past 12 years, Marble has been creating timeless and fashionable clothing that is of the highest standards. The philosophy behind our brand is to create timeless pieces that remain relevant in the years to come while it also fits like the idealized dream, leading to luxurious tops, sweaters, jeans and coats.

      Marble has developed into a huge fashion brand , despite its small size. distributed throughout the world, from our headquarters where all our ranges are born - and will remain located - in Glasgow, Scotland.

      We believe in providing unique pieces and outfits that are timeless and stylish but not dependent on fashion trends that are cyclical and change.

      A lot of thought goes into selecting the most suitable range of vibrant colours as well as subtle neutrals, to offer multiple options for capsule wardrobes. we source only the best fabrics from the top factories using natural fabrics whenever feasible, to create clothes of the highest quality.


      The delivery of all orders is easy for all orders made through Logans Fashions. For each and every purchase, we provide a range of delivery options, such as  FREE UK delivery for orders that exceed £50. Orders placed prior to 2pm will be posted with extreme respect and care from our shop located in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. Do not stress about the burden that comes with returning or exchange anything, on the rare occasion that you need to exchange or return the item and exchange it for another item, we have no-risk return policies for purchases within the stipulated timeframe.