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From classic denim jeans, trendy sporty legggings and joggers, to more classic suit pants and formal trousers, we do a bit of everything, keeping the ladies of Northern Ireland up to date with the best boutique and fashion culottes, capris and more. Every lady needs to have the kind of beauty, versatility and quality that our brands, like Zoso or deck by decollage, provide. Don't forget to accessorise with a belt and just the right pair of shoes....
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      We have been looking after the ladies of Northern Ireland and further afield for over forty years, and with our online service we now deliver to the whole of the UK - keeping everyone from Sussex to Saltcoats up to date with the latest boutique fashion. Here are a few types of trousers we have stocked over the years.


      Dress Pants are the most well-known kinds of pants that every person owns or wears for work. Ladies wear dress pants or suit pants mostly for formal or semi-formal functions, like &co Woman. These pants are usually constructed of high-end suiting materials or woven fabrics. They usually have an opening on the front, and buttons or a zipper.


      Jeans are the most popular pants all over the world, and they are loved by both males and females. Jeans are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and washes. The main benefit for wearing jeans is they go well with anything that you wear, be it blouses, shirts or T-shirts. You can wear comfy jeans for casual or formal appearance since jeans nowadays are designed so that they are able to accommodate both styles. Mos Mosh are a fantastic example of high quality denim workmanship.


      Overalls and jumpsuits feature a bodice that runs along the waistline of pants. The stitching line of overalls is long since it begins from the neck, and runs along the crotchline at the back and the front. The majority of workers wear overalls. The jumpsuit is also one of the top choices among kids' clothing. Find out the different kinds of clothes. My Soul has a great jumpsuit.


      Culottes are usually slightly longer or knee-length. Culottes are also called Capri, are pants that have three-fourths length. The cuffed hem on the pants sits just below your ankles. Check out the Mac Jeans pair!

      Harem pants are well-known for their superior style and comfort. They are also pretty fashionable in the sense that they are arguably. Harem pants are gathered and collected at the ankles and waist. The elastic bands or waistbands that have drawstrings keep the gathering tightly. They can be loose or silky. Baggy pantyhose are typically loose-fitting and oversized clothing styles. Harem pants are among the many examples that show baggy trousers. The baggy pants are among the most well-known instances of baggy pants. Naya have some great examples.

      Bell bottoms or flared pants made to fit the waist and thighs. They are a bit longer and stretch out beyond the knees. The boot cut pants are one type that is bell bottoms. The flare on this kind of jeans typically begins at the knees and extends to your ankles.

      Leggings have an extremely tight-fitting and, generally they are made from materials like denim Lycra and cotton. They are usually paired with a flowing, large-sized blouse, and tend to be worn for informal occasions. There are a variety of leggings such as treggings, which are similar to trousers and jeggings that appear like jeans but with tiny particulars. Check out Elsewhere for more!

      Tights is the name given to the pant that people often think of as leggings, and they call them the same. However, there is a slight distinction between leggings and tights. While designers create tights from the same fabric like leggings, tights stretch to cover the feet as well.

      Stirrup Pants are like leggings. The main difference between leggings and stirrup pants is they come with the strap for linking that is placed underneath the foot, to hold the pants on as belts.

      Cargo pants, also known as carpenter pants, are pants that have different kinds of pockets, or extra pockets other than those found in traditional pants. Generally, they're located halfway down the pant's legs. Cargo pants typically come with at least four pockets, and additional hoops, or loops for hammers beneath the main pockets, like Peruzzi.

      Fatigue pants are pants with military style that resemble the original trousers worn during the Vietnam War by the American Military. They feature details like a zip fly with drawstrings inside and cargo pockets with button closure made of camouflage material.

      Stovepipe pants, also known as drainpipe pants, are the names that are used to describe the precise shape in the pants. It is similar to slim jeans. These pants are extremely slim fit pants. They're usually an ankle length, as is the style

      Peg-leg trousers are relaxed fitting pants that have the characteristic of a cropped and narrow leg. They taper to snug at the ankle, at the point where they end. Darts are present on the knees so that the pants are slim-fitting. 

      Toreador Pants are slim and tight-fitting. They end below the knee, close to the calf. The name of the pants is "toreador" because these pants are similar to the ones that are worn to be worn by Spanish bullfighters. Marble do good examples of these.

      Dungarees are trousers with an apron or bib fastened to the back with two adjustable straps. The fabric of dungarees is generally very heavy. The bib is usually decorated with pockets or patches.


      How many kinds of trousers exist?

      How many types of pants are there? According to the definition the number of trousers is anywhere between twelve and sixteen kinds of trousers, based on factors like the materials used, design elements as well as the fit and occasion. Realistically from a designers standpoint there are many, many more.

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