Mos Mosh

Women from all over the world have embraced the style and fit that comes with MOS MOSH jeans as the company has been recognized as an icon in the world of the fashion of the moment as designer jeans and tailoring wear. In terms of design and fit, as well as the slight twist that distinguishes MOS MOSH unique. It's not just for jeans. It's for people. Mos Mosh believe it's vital to give your all to every aspect of your life - an aim to become the very best in every aspect. To ensure that each garment is flawless, Mos Mosh are constantly working. For them it is crucial to be recognized for passion and not to compromise.

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      In 2010 , the MOS MOSH brand was born and was founded by Kim Hyldahl. As a phoenix rises from the dust, MOS MOSH marked a new beginning for the founder. The initial sketches were made on the counter in the kitchen at his house and, step-by-step the small collection of pants and jeans was brought to life. The mark was evident high quality, and, most importantly, created with a twist.

      Since the starting point, MOS MOSH had the ambition to expand its international reach, but remain loyal to their roots and values. They do so with enthusiasm, love and heart. It is an intimate, but focused company.

      MOS MOSH is a proud participant in the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). When you purchase items made of cotton from MOS MOSH You're assisting cotton production by joining the Better Cotton Initiative. Better Cotton is sourced through the Mass Balance system. The BCI farmers make use of water efficiently and are concerned about the well-being of the soil as well as the natural habitats. They are less reliant on harmful chemicals and are concerned about the rights and health of farmers. We pledge to increase the amount of BCI cotton each year, thus increasing our financial contribution.

      The fit is the key element of fit is the main focus of Mos Mosh philosophy and the range of jeans includes a range of styles and sizes. From straight to skinny, Mos Mosh knows denim and gives classic designs contemporary updates with fun details, striking washes and striking accessories. To complete your look purchase a Mos Mosh jacket that is as comfortable as the inside of a glove. They're elegant pieces that can be with you from work to social gatherings. What about a pair of shorts or cropped pants? They're an excellent alternative to jeans during summer and are a stylish, casual holiday staple that's great for outdoor evenings - even if you're sitting in the back yard.

      We love the unique design of Mos Mosh's trousers and jeans. Small twists like the big waistbands raise the look of these clothes while letting them blend into your regular outfit. Wear your t-shirts into the colder months by slipping into the brand's skinny jeans and the ribbed cardigan over or pair your slim-fit pants in a block colour with a pair of street-style loafers that are backless as well as a light top when temperatures rise. The brand creates casual designs that are a little customized, which makes its clothes perfect for creating an and feminine look. A slim-fit trouser and an edgy statement shirt (bought and borrowed, we're not saying) is an effortless and easy way to create the style. Also, experiment with proportions and texture by choosing slim joggers that are cut at the ankle.


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