Boboli Clothing

Francisco Algas, who had an succesful industrial career, and his partner, Teresa Ochoa met during 1984. The name that would be a benchmark in the field of children's clothing was born to them in a new venture: boboli. Boboli was created to create knitwear for all the family. The company grew quickly with its stylish pieces for girls and boys of all age groups. Collections in which patterns, color and quality dominated. The boboli DNA is style, heritage quality, colors, and comfort.

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       Boboli designs are durable and are able to adapt to the demands of active children. They use soft, durable fabrics that make sure they are never bored or exploring - and are constantly striving to ensure the high quality in products and also to create clothes that are durable to all sorts of adventure! They are honest modern, up-to-date, charming, innocent, and non-conformist with a passion for learning -just like children.

      Boboli are awestruck by the ability to create rules of their own, create shelters in our rooms create languages, and dress as prehistoric creatures... making kids unique simply by being who they are!

      "We hope to stimulate and inspire children's natural curiosity to discover and experiment with, make and have fun." - boboli

      Since life isn't a series of instructions...and so do children! Colours symbolize their energy, vitality and enthusiasm. Boboli's collections are playful and full of personality. Designs, embroidery, and daring combinations are the hallmarks that distinguish the label. The designs are practical and can be adapted to the needs of active kids, using soft, sturdy fabrics to keep them entertained or exploring.


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