Fashion vs. Style - What's The Difference?

Fashion vs style - what's the difference?

What's the main difference between style and fashion? Style is how someone conveys themselves through clothes, whereas fashion is a particular style that is popular during a trend, however, there are key differences if you read on.

What Is Style?

The term "style" refers to how people convey themselves through clothes, writing style or design style. In the fashion world, "style" is usually an abbreviation of "personal style," or how a person shows themselves through their fashion choices like outfit accessories, minimalist clothing, hairstyles, and how they dress.

What Is Fashion?

Fashion is the most popular fashion in a particular society at a particular time. Fashion is related to emerging fashions: The term used to describe fashionable ways of dressing in an era.

The fashion industry is concerned with the latest trends at the moment. Fashion houses stage fashion shows that showcase clothing that reflects a vision of how fashion will evolve in the coming years. Fashion editors, fashion bloggers and influencers respond to this vision by offering their own opinions and then retailers utilize the information they gather to sell clothing to the general public. The most significant aspect of the fashion industry is how new trends get portrayed through social media or magazines such as Vogue.

What's the difference between style & fashion?

There's a connection between fashion and style; however, a general guideline is to remember that fashion reflects the person, while fashion is more general. Let's look at the distinctions:

1. Individual vs collective

The personal style is personal to the individual, a way to express oneself. This individual could be a fashion-conscious stylist (like Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent) or someone not associated with the world of fashion. The way they dress and present their personality reflects their fashion. Fashion however is related to global trends as well as how fashion is marketed. The lines between style and fashion are blurred. While on the catwalk, a model can be an integral part of the fashion industry. What they wear at home is, however, their personal fashion. If they are a household name and their style is popular, they could launch the creation of their own fashion line, transforming their fashion into a trend.

2. Timeless vs fashionable

The timeless style is timeless, whereas fashion is always on. A trendy person closely adheres to the latest trends in fashion and wears designer clothes. The stylish person might or may not adhere to fashion trends but they are always in their own personal style. Personal style is about establishing a sense of oneself instead of simply taking in fashion trends.

Fashion and style are interspersed throughout the street style photos that photographers take pictures of in the absence of shows. The subjects are typically stylists, models, or fashion editors who are wearing the fashions of the designers at the shows they attend; however, they've taken the clothing and put them in the real world, merging fashion and fashion.