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Anonyme Clothing

"Every corner" of Rome is a story, and each Story is an inspiration for our designs" ANONYME designers are renowned for their exquisite Italian designs, devoted to all women seeking the comfort they deserve without losing fashion. For a long time fashion has placed designers on the pedestal and forgot that clothes and the wearer deserve to be the center of attention. The character that a woman has is far more significant than brand of the designer.

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      The cosmopolitan spirit of Rome is the main focus of Anonyme clothing. The entire collection are filled with vibrant prints and beautiful designs, which create an unquestionably feminine appeal. Maxi dresses with halter-necks patterned culottes are among the fashion highlights and basic summer tops and button-downs bring a touch of bone in the line. The sophistication is evident in every item, and innovation is the key element in the process of designing. To find the finest of Italian design, shop Anonyme clothes at Logans Fashions.

      The ANONYME Designers' collection is a design that is stylish and easy to access. A relaxed and refined look for daywear, enhanced by vibrant colors as well as abstract and floral prints, is the core of the collection. Clothes, shirts, and dresses suitable for office wear as well as jumpsuits and jackets for casual, feminine looks: Find the best of them here.

      The brand that is popular on the high street specializes in high-end daywear, and has made an impression as a comprehensive brand on the fashion market. Its collection includes iconic pieces that range from the Zerba print midi dress to mix-and-match tulip print suits and skirts.

      The brand, which was founded in humble beginnings as an atelier that was small in Rome and has since expanded across the world. The word "anonymity" is the foundation of its mission statement that allows women to take charge of their own wardrobes, without the influence of brands and giving its designers to enjoy the same style.


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