Why has Naya Clothing become so popular?

Why has Naya Clothing become so popular?

Two Irish women with a long history in the fashion industry came together to create clothes that were that was adapted to the changing demands of women's lifestyles - where the so-called "occasion" wear is no more relevant. They created their own brand Naya Clothing that we proudly stock.

It translates to "a new beginning" and according to Lynda Heather, who created it together with her friend Helen Wheeler "it is a glossier casual range as opposed to smart casual, more glamorous and what we would wear ourselves".

The clothes are generously proportioned and relaxed, with easy silhouettes that range between UK8 and UK20. The collection is specifically designed to meet diverse forms and a demographic typically dominated by formal clothes.The palette is subtle, but the colours permit combinations that mix and match using tried and tested solid shades such as khaki, taupe and black that are easy to enhance with vibrant colour or print.

"It's a more unstructured, layered look that very few Irish designers provide at the moment and more comfortable and easier to wear than more formal structured wear that we ourselves don't particularly like to wear" Heather says. Heather. They're practical, easy to are easy to drape and transport well, and won't wrinkle. She is especially happy with their pants which are now their top seller. Each dress comes with pockets.

In the summer and spring A simple black dress can be given more power with a mesh hem . It can be put on with sheer leggings or stockings. If you're strong and tall, a striking plaid summer coat over the shape of a cocoon would definitely make heads turn. Striped knits with pants with cuffs make for easy summer outfits. Block colour dresses can work amazing things for certain shapes when cut asymmetrically. Everything is produced in Poland as well as the other European countries.

A collection of three through Chase Fashions whose owners, comprising Heather, Helen Lynch, Colm and Mark O'Rourke, have years of experience in the Irish fashion industry. Naya started with a small collection of pieces designed for customers in the Irish market. The collection has expanded to a collection of 200 pieces which is available worldwide including Canada, Switzerland and the UK.

It's in her genes to be fashionable. She is the daughter of Michael Heather, a veteran of the Irish fashion industry, she went on to study fashion design in The London College of Fashion and returned to the industry which she has been in ever since.

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