Naya Clothing - Our favourite collection of AW22

Naya Clothing - Our favourite collection of AW22

The winter months present very challengingly for women who want to look stylish while staying warm and cosy. Layered clothing has turned into the most sought-after style, which allows females to layer different clothes to create trendy outfits.

For a woman to be well-prepared staying warm in the coming winter months, it is essential to be outfitted with the necessary clothes to wear at winter. Today, a variety of clothing brands like Naya Clothing provide women with clothes that are trendy and comfortable.

These are the best winter clothing essentials that we love about Naya Clothing this season.

Winter coat

One of the most sought-after fashion essentials for the coming colder months is a winter coat. The variety of coats available is quite broad, with everything from big puffer jackets to maxi coats. In light of the ever-changing fashion, women should opt for an elegant style that is never out of fashion.

Additionally, the clothing that you select should enhance your figure and be in line with your style. You should purchase a coat that is neutral, such as black, white or camel, as well as you can also choose a more striking hue to draw attention. If you want to wear multiple layers of clothing underneath, opting for a more relaxed model is crucial.


Large scarves are without doubt the most comfortable and trendy accessories for women's wardrobes that will keep them cosy throughout the winter. They can be sported in many ways to go with various clothes, from sophisticated to casual. For example, you could put an oversized scarf such as an oversized shawl on your shoulders to achieve a stylish appearance or tie them around the neck when you plan to go for a walk.

Additionally, the scarves come in a range of colours, styles, patterns, textures, and styles to complement any look. Apart from keeping the top portion of your body warm, they can make the simplest outfit appear trendy.

Turtle neck

A winter essential that women should have is a slender turtleneck. This is, without doubt, the most versatile of underlayers that allow women to wear it with various kinds of clothing to create the most stylish appearance. The purchase of a few turtlenecks with basic colours can be like investing in your winter style.

For instance, many women put on turtlenecks underneath sweaters in order to stay warm and appear stylish. Ladies who enjoy experimentation with fashion can wear the turtleneck underneath a unisex dress to create an original style. Another method to wear an elegant turtleneck style is to wear it alone without an underlayer but with high-waist pants.


There's nothing that is more practical for the coming winter months than a cosy sweater. These items of clothing are not just comfortable but also fashionable and come in a variety of colours, cuts, materials, and styles. Cashmere sweaters, however, are considered to be the most extravagant style and luxury.

For outfit combinations, they look chic when worn with leather trousers, midi skirts and jeans. It's also possible to wear one over a dress or collared shirt, specifically the crewneck styles.


Blazers are another essential winter attire for those who appreciate stylish fashions. Blazers can be layered over a shirt, or a blouse when it's not too cold, or underneath a coat in temperatures below freezing. It's gorgeous as an outerwear piece and as a layer, and you can wear it throughout winter.

In addition, the blazer can be the ideal attire for an occasion, going to a party, or for an evening out after work and not having to go back home for a change. It is essential to buy the correct style and fit that complements your body type. Be sure to pair it with jeans to transform your style from casual to formal.

Summary of Naya Winter Collection

Don't let your style slip due to the cold winter weather.

Set yourself the challenge of being trendy and cosy while looking stylish!

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