Why we love Joules Clothing

Why we love Joules Clothing

What's not to love about Joules, the UK's premiere lifestyle brand we proudly stock. Since 2005, we've always been in love with Joules at Logans. A fun and vibrant designer label which is British born and raised with their cute slogans and beautiful designs that have caught the attention of those who like to make a statement for all the good reasons and seasons.

Drawing inspiration from our many beloved Great British traditions and style, Joules offer a wide selection of styles and diverse designs for kids and those who are young at heart.

They're Bright & Colourful

If there's one thing you shouldn't overlook about Joules clothing, its the benefits in its bright colour palette. To some people, the idea of a striking hue can seem a bit daunting however it's not for those who are a Joules wearer. This colourful group of people love the stunning vibrant colours of Joules designs. However, the primary reason why we at Logans Fashions love Joules is due to the way they combine classic pieces and blend them with a range of shades that are suitable for even the most casual of us. We are awestruck by the vibrant floral patterns for women , and traditional check shirts for men , as they can easily be outfitted to match your personal fashion. For little Joules enthusiasts Gilets and coats are great for brightening their outfits!

Their High-Quality Clothing & Manufacturing

It is clear that Joules clothing is of the highest quality. On top of quality the company has taken significant steps to ensure sustainability as well as ethical concerns with the making of their apparel. The family-owned business is located within Market Harborough, Leicestershire where it was founded, and the producers, designers, and suppliers make exquisite clothes which puts the wearer in the center. We are huge fans of the 100% cotton T-shirts and shirts to wear during the summer and layering them under their luxurious Gilets. If the rain or drizzle is over the beautiful taped-seamed waterproofs offer unbeatable protection from the elements while always stylish and bold. Our favourites, however, are the cozy and soft knitwear. Available in a variety of bright colours that you'll forget that it's cold outside.

Kids' Clothing That Mirrors Their Energy and Personality 

The only thing that the Joules Kids line adheres to is its dedication to the highest quality: all design options are playful bright and fun. From play clothes that are loose with images of the beach, to waterproof waterproofs packed away that are covered in blue and green sharks, the Joules Jnr collection is with playful charm. If your child loves to be the centre of attention, then the fun and vibrant designs of Joules Jnr are bound to delight young fashion enthusiasts. 

It Defies Seasons & Has A Timeless Quality

The most appealing aspect of British design and style is that it is able to transcend seasons and remain in style year-round and Joules designs reflect this timeless elegance effortlessly. We love the quilted gilets that are perfect for women, men and kids alike to layer over thick knitwear or stripe-printed shirt. Joules Polo tops have become the standout pieces of their collections year after season and have Joules customers delighted with the quality cotton and the heritage-inspired designs. For the ladies, Joules dresses are available in classic cuts that flatter all shapes. This stripe option is among our top choices for completing the day at the seaside nautical style. 

They Have A Charm & Humour To Their Pieces

You can't help but chuckle at the humorous designs on the clothes. From funny appliqués to puns there's always something to cause a smile. They're adorable to present to the parents of a new child you're meeting in the very first place! Keep an eye on the holiday season as Christmas jokes start to roll in. And we can't overlook their adorable nightwear since what's life without some whimsicality? 

In Conclusion: Why You Should Purchase Joules With Logans

They are a heritage country inspired brand. They're based and manufacture in the UK ensuring you are getting the highest quality pieces that will last ages - no one season wonders with Joules! Their classic designs, prints, stripes and patterns will have friends and family asking where you got it. They are, in short, a quintessential British brand. With Free Shipping options available and no hassle returns at Logans, we'd be delighted if you try them out with us!

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